Monday, December 15, 2014

Fifa 15 ultimate team coins

With results it seems clear that Electronic Arts has to make a monument to his football franchise, which seems to be the only one you holding up year after year, month after month, despite the many (and good) news this year Americans have brought in other genres ... like that Bioware Dragon Age Inquisition strangely do you mean? is not among the top 10.

FIFA 15, EA Sports

And the fact is that unless some specific weeks have coincided with other releases of 'hits' as Call of Duty, GTA V, etc., FIFA 15 has remained the first since it went on sale last September 25. A week after another without interruption that leaves very clearly that his power now is absolute, not only in the land of football games, but in all others.

As expected, just below have been placed two major franchises, such as Activision and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare or Rockstar with GTA V, which since November 18 is available for PS4 and Xbox One and that has helped him regain the path to success was beginning to run out on PS3 and Xbox 360. and when we say that of 'exhausted' means no longer looking to sell you a GTA V more, everyone should already have yours at home.
Below surprised that Assassin's Creed Unity are not held in the highest positions longer, and has quickly fallen so until late position. Destiny, however, his ninth position is a blessing that means that with the arrival of the first expansion has revived in sales.

Finally, it is noteworthy that paranormal phenomenon called Minecraft: no one down to some versions away from the Top 10. Or is not it strange?

It's just fiction, but the truth is that a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo in the game FIFA 15 is raising a stir on social networks as one of the best seen so many in the virtual world.

The video plays launching a foul, rabona executed in a classic between Real Madrid and Barcelona, where Portuguese achieves a goal against Claudio Bravo. This is one of the best games in the rankings of the forums and social networking goals.
Continuing with the promotional videos on FIFA 15, EA Sports has wanted to bring the game to players of Athletic Club de Bilbao to propose a tournament between them. Just as they did previously and Tottenham, Chelsea, Barcelona or Atletico Madrid, now the team of Ernesto Valverde, organized in pairs, gets behind the wheel of a few Xbox One to rise above the rest of his teammates.

On this occasion, have been Iturraspe, Erik Morán, De Marcos, Laporte, San Jose, Guillermo, Unai López and Aketxe players chosen to conduct this competition. As usual in these events have not missed the laughter and good humor among the players, further demonstrating the good time they are going through, having regained some lost pace in the league in recent months.