Monday, December 15, 2014

NBA Live 15

NBA Live 15 (PS4)

The D-League, does it mean anything? This is the antechamber of the NBA, the division in which the seeds of champions, hewn, repeat their lines, hoping one day to get a contract on the upper floor. Go for a ride in development league is swallow his pride, to accept its shortcomings the moment, but also get some playing time to (re) gain confidence. Ignoring the gossip justified, for it during the previous season, the NBA Live redoubling accepted his fate, watching from a far and envious eye his former rival, NBA 2K, collecting individual awards. To hope to tickle again in the hearts of fans, the bad boy realized he had to review from A to Z the bottom game.
   This is the first observation that can be made about what NBA Live 15: it seems finally found his style. Direction, albeit gross stripping, but that will delight all beginners to the sport. It comes back to the fundamental purpose of the student basketball: entertainment, intensity and nerve meetings. Without falling into the fantasies of NBA Jam, for example, it connects here dunks unopposed against the attacks and express swaying feints. As an All-Star Game families, where defenses are as secure as the doors of the Elysee Palace in Holland. Electronic Arts had promised that defense would be "fun" with a system that was to stick more easily to his vis-a-vis with the left stick. A broken promise, the contacts being whistled consistently in favor of attackers to encourage individual raids and gaming penetration.
So the points are similar and almost all can be discussed from a purely technical point of view. It's still basketball very - perhaps too - basic, sometimes artificial, that showcases the highlights at the expense of some tactical finesse. It is more in the spirit of showtime Clippers in the game licked Spurs shaped by Greg Popovich. Especially as the entertainment pallet does not transcribe all the moves that make the richness and charm of the sport. As for the mechanics to shoot, it's so strange (basically, you have on-anticipate the end of his act) we prefer a hundred times carry an unlikely alley oop, reduced to a single key, rather than s' venture into a risky shot midway
When one needs to review its fundamental as did NBA Live 15, it does not really time to focus on the details. This is what is most criticized in this album finished in a hurry to not leave too far ahead its competitor. And even if one may question the output timing of the title, repeatedly delayed and put on sale several weeks after an unplayable competitor for a decade. If this slight shift allowed the studio to look after the realization (modeling of faces and accessories, compliance templates, physics of the ball), night owls only sporadically find the tricks that make them stand until dawn: the crazy atmosphere in the room, the camera effects, lighting effects, the emotions of the players comments "made in USA" ...

A lack of finish that is also felt in the game modes. Everything is in appearance (individual career development of a franchise ...), but without the genius and consistency of his rival. We nonetheless appeal to relive the highlights of the current fiscal year through small sympathetic challenges. But the term "sympathetic" does not exist in the harsh law of sport where there can be only one winner and that your opponent does not boxing in the same category